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The HAC Life

Hey y’all! Welcome to my new home! Just when I thought my days of blogging and being an “online-oversharer” were over, I went and fell madly in love with a makeup line that changed the game and opened new doors. If you don’t know me at all, let me rewind…

More than ten years ago, I found out I was unexpectedly expecting TWINS. After only SIX MONTHS of marriage! We were on (what we called) the five year plan, meaning we wanted to live large as newlyweds... Travel! Do all the things! Sleep in! Order Chinese takeout to our hearts’ content! My new husband was about to embark on medical residency and I hopped on planes weekly for my outside sales job, so time together was just something we didn’t have. We saw each other in passing it seemed, but somehow, we saw each other enough if ya know what I mean… Ha!

Fast forward a bit, and I was blogging about my tumultuous twin pregnancy, their birth, and then life ever after. At that point I was fully committed to my role as “domestic engineer,” determined to be the best wife/mom/baker/chef/housekeeper that ever was. (If I’m gonna do it, I go all in!) I even suffered through the Pinterest-mom era, where we all had to bypass Party City and the $3 pre-made pom poms because YOU’RE A BETTER MOM IF YOU SPEND TWICE AS MUCH TIME AND MONEY TO MAKE YOUR OWN!! (So make my own is what I did, of course). Looking back, though, my blogging years were some of the best of my life. I loved every minute of my days spent at home with my twins, chronicling our daily adventures and keeping an online diary of our lives.

What I also loved from those days were the relationships I made online with like-minded people who identified with all I went through on a daily basis. It seems like a crazy notion, but if the internet is where people can go to find a place or a person they identify with… why the heck not? I guess that’s why I’m coming full-circle online, because even though my life has gotten EVEN BUSIER and I said those days were over, I’ve realized that I just love talking to my friends. I love to tell stories; I love to share recipes; I love to help women feel beautiful in their own skin; I love to relate my motherhood to yours (the roughest hood you’ll ever go through, am I right?). The list goes on, but the moral is this: I’m happy you’re here, and I can’t wait to get to know you better! My goal is to show you simple ways to “hac” your face, kitchen, wardrobe and more, so hopefully you’ll find my slice of internet pie fulfilling (wink face).


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