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What is iiid foundation, anyway?

At Seint Beauty, we believe that faces aren't one-dimensional and we don't need layers of makeup to prove it.  Here's a quick video to show just how simple "getting ready" can be!


4 colors + 1 brush = Done

Low maintenance friends, this is for you! There is such a thing as minimalist makeup that looks bomb. (Is my age showing yet?)
This is our quad compact, using four basic colors as foundation, blush, lipstick, and eyeshadow. Can your current routine do that?
I think every woman should feel confident enough to eat the cake,
wear the makeup, and find joy in things that light their fire... no matter how old they are or how hectic their lives are.  You're worth it, girl!


GET A                COLOR MATCH

Achieve the look

Seint offers buildable full coverage, giving you the flexibility to cover what you want without hiding the things you love. Seint makeup acts as a second skin. Their silky application and flexible wear create a buttery velvet finish!

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