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Master Your Seint Routine!

So many people are new to Seint Beauty, and hey, I was too! I'd never heard of this company until 18 months ago, but I quickly fell in love with it and wanted to know more! I researched, watched videos, and became an artist shortly after buying my first few tins. It simplified my life, but more importantly, it made me feel beautiful again. That's a hard sell when you're in the throws of motherhood, and I love sharing it with other women for no other reason than that: You aren't expired, my friend! Just let me help you!

With that said, there are a few tips and tricks I've learned along the way. Think of this as a guide to getting the most out of your makeup, and letting it do its job: accentuating your natural beauty, not covering it up.


Double cleansing method:

1. Remove makeup with an oil cleanser and Microfiber cloth. My favorite oil cleanser can be found here, and it's amazing for gently removing eye makeup.

2. Gentle face wash for second cleansing (I use and recommend Pomifera, but choose your skin type for best results!). It removes any leftover makeup or dirt, leaving your face fresh and replenished rather than stripping it dry.

3. Apply toner and any serums you use. For me, the absolute BEST PRIMER is my Plump serum. I apply Brighten (Vitamin C) and Plump (Hyalauronic Acid) every day before makeup and it leaves my skin hydrated but a little "tacky"... which is exactly what keeps my makeup looking fresh all day. If you're extremely dry, you'd want to apply a little moisturizer on top, but be sure to wait about 10 minutes before makeup in this case! (Shop the Power of 3 trio here).

5. Don't forget your SPF - I use an all-in-one BB cream with spf 30 or recommend this one.

6. Exfoliate twice a week!


Seint products don't "need" a primer, but you may benefit from one if you have oily skin and/or large pores or fine lines. If you're using a primer you love, make sure it doesn't have silicone as an ingredient... Those don't pair well with our cream-based products.

Adjustment Period A typical adjustment period for new facial products is about 1-2 weeks for your skin to acclimate. Be patient, and feel free to reach out to me for troubleshooting if you feel like it's not wearing how you desired.

Hair Removal

If you notice your makeup sticking to your peach fuzz verses your skin, you may want to consider derma planing (shaving) your face. It's not as scary as you think, and NO, your hair will NOT grow back thicker/blacker/etc! I promise! Shaving your face with these tiny razors will allow for a super smooth makeup application.

Setting Spray/Powder

Set your face with Vanilla Dust for a smoother, matte finish. I also FULLY recommend this setting spray - its AMAZING.

Clean Your Tools

A perfect application and skin care routine can't save you from what happens if you continue using dirty tools. Clean your sponge and brushes at least once a week! We offer a magical (seriously, it's magic) brush cleaner that you simply spritz on the end of your brush and wipe clean.

Perfect Your Technique

Remember to use a light hand for buildable coverage, and contact me (or your artist!) if you notice any texture or color issues.

For your basic foundation routine:

1. Your main highlight goes on the flat parts of your face, or lightly all over to give coverage.

2. Your contour goes from the tip of your ear to mid cheek, right underneath your cheekbone... think "push up bra for my face." 😁

3. Your brightening highlight accentuates the main focus of your face: triangle area underneath the eyes, down the sides of your nose, between brows, down bridge of nose, and a pop in the center of your chin.

4. Apply blush two fingertips away from your nose, on the apples of your cheeks and blend out above your contour. Use this same color for your lips!

5. Illuminate! Pop illuminator on the tips of your cheekbones, down the center of your nose, on your Cupid's bow, center of lips, under the brow, and inner corners of eyes.

If you'd like to see videos (tons, really 😂) of basic application, maximizing the colors in your compact, concealing blemishes, or color correcting, join me on my Facebook page or Instagram for tutorials!

If you're in need of a color match to get started, click here!


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