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Aldi Haul: Family + Paleo Edition

The hardest thing about cleaning up my diet is managing my family's wants and needs while doing so! Isn't it so much easier to just cook hotdogs or grilled cheeses and call it good?

I'm what I'd call a "Whole 30 Veteran," though, and I know it's the way my body wants to be fed. I sleep better, I feel better, my skin clears up, things move like they should (if ya know what I mean), and I can go days without complaining of my stomach hurting from something. It truly makes a huge difference for me, but dang if it's not hard! Just last night I stood in the kitchen making strawberry ice cream in waffle cones and didn't take a single lick... but that willpower is not always on point.

I digress... let's get to the important stuff! I LOVE ALDI. It has fed my family so well for the past ten years, offering organic options on most foods for half the price of your favorite "whole paycheck" store. When we watched our budget closely during residency while the twins were small, I got to know Aldi well... It was our saving grace!

Now, it's simply my preference.

Let's get to the goods!!

What you see above is an entire week's worth of groceries to feed my whole family, allowing them the things they love but with healthier meal options for paleo adaptations. I'd love to say I'm Whole 30-approved all day every day, but it's summer and we like to travel, grill out, and make quick meals... so I'm trying to do this sustainably. Like anything else, it's easy to fall off the wagon, but less so when you can have easy swaps. Strawberry shortcake for them? Paleo pancake, strawberries and whipped coconut cream for me. Favorite instant pot Mongolian beef and fried rice? Swap the ingredients for paleo substitutes for the beef/ladle mine over cauliflower rice. EASY PEASY.

So, for under $250, this is what I bought:

Belmont Vanilla Bean ice cream (no artificial flavors, preservatives or HFCS)

Belmont Real Strawberry ice cream (no artificial flavors, preservatives or HFCS)

Paw Patrol fruit snacks

Fruit Rounds cereal (no artificial flavors, HFCS, synthetic colors or synthetic preservatives)

Clancy's White Cheddar popcorn (gluten-free, naturally flavored)

Tuscan Garden Real Bacon pieces

Organic Sliced Colby Jack cheese (rBST free)

Sliced deli turkey (no nitrates or nitrites)

Extra Sharp White Cheddar cracker cuts (rBST free)


Blackberries (2)

Sliced gala apples + peanut butter snack packs (6)

Crepini Egg Thins with cauliflower

Simply Nature organic multi-grain chips

Clancy's jalapeno kettle chips

Simply Nature Brown Rice peppercorn crackers

Clancy's peanut butter cracker packs (2)

Fresh Asparagus

Fresh Cilantro

Baker's Corner mini blueberry muffins (12)

Simply Nature organic, cage-free eggs (2 doz)

Cotton Candy grapes (2 bags)

Mariquitas plantain chips - lime

Simply Nature organic linguine noodles

Benton's waffle cones

Promised Land chocolate milk (2)

Hope dairy-free dip - chipotle

Chunky restaurant-style guacamole

Sweet + Spicy guacamole

Spaghetti squash

Bagged Southwest salad mix

Bagged Kale salad mix

Celery bunch

Broccoli crowns

Baby Portobello mushrooms

Kirkwood Chicken Fries

5 lbs Jasmine Rice

Canned salad-ready tomatoes (2)

Canned green beans (4)

Clancy's wavy potato chips

Season's Choice Crispy Circles (generic Chick-fil-A hash rounds!)

Black Forest sliced ham

Oven-roasted whole turkey breast

Simply Nature organic chicken tenders (1 lb)

Frozen, wild-caught flounder filets

Black Angus cubed steaks (2 packages of 4)

Simple Creations chophouse rub Ribeye steak

Top Sirloin steak

Canned coconut milk

Hot Dog buns

Hamburger buns

Frozen sweet potato fries

Nitrate/Nitrate-free bacon

Oven-ready lasagna noodles

Simply Nature organic Tomato + Basil pasta sauce (sugar free!)

Bakehouse cinnamon rolls (3)

Sliced Hawaiian loaf bread

Season's Choice riced cauliflower - plain

Season's Choice riced cauliflower - Garlic + Herb

A few meals I've made using these ingredients, along with pantry staples...

Me: Scrambled eggs in ghee with bacon and salsa, wrapped in Egg Thins.

Them: egg, bacon + cheese burritos

Mongolian Beef & Broccoli

Me: served over Chinese Five-Spice & garlic seasoned cauliflower rice

Them: served over our favorite fried rice

Me: Paleo pancake with fresh strawberries and whipped coconut cream + cinnamon

Them: Strawberry ice cream in waffle cones

Me: Grilled hamburger with lettuce, onion, mustard + "approved" ketchup in Egg Thins

Them: Traditional cheeseburgers and toppings

Both: Sweet potato air-fried fries

Me: Beef taco meat over Siete chips with bagged kale salad mix (no dressing!), onion, salad-ready tomatoes, Cholula sauce + chunky guacamole

Them: Beef tacos, multigrain chips + salsa

So this is a snippet of our week! If you're interested in more of my "lifestyle" switches and how I make it fit our family favorites, drop a comment and I'll keep blogging them! If you haven't given Aldi a fair chance - you should! Just bring a quarter for your cart and your own bags... it's a fun place to explore. 😁


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